Personal trainer / Assistant Athletic Director / English teacher


In a nutshell, I felt stuck. I knew I needed help, and therapy was not what I was looking for. I was looking for someone to help to light my fire, to regain confidence in myself, to keep me accountable, and to give me ideas. Kate was that person for me.


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Since I've begun working with Kate 6 months ago, I've accomplished more, personally, than I ever believed I could. I've rediscovered a love for myself, a confidence that had disappeared years ago, and a perseverance to stay committed to myself and the life that I want. On top of this, I've started my own business and received a huge promotion at work, shooting my career up to a level that I hadn't even considered before working with Kate.

Before officially becoming a client of Kate's I was nervous to truly commit to the process. I was honestly just afraid of truly putting that much work into myself. It's scary to take control of your life sometimes ... it sounds silly, but it's true.

Kate asked me, "If we don't do this, where do you think you'll be in 6 months?" And I barely had to think about that for more than a minute before I realized just how much I needed help.

I knew that without this coaching, I would still be dealing with the effects of a bad relationship, I would still be unsatisfied with my professional life, and I would still feel lost in my own head and in the world. The decision was suddenly incredibly easy.

The kind of person that would benefit from Kate’s coaching is someone who wants to make a change in their life. Someone who needs a kick in the ass. Someone who is not where they want to be, and needs help to get them to a better place. Although at times I feel like Kate acts as my therapist, more than anything she literally helps me to develop action plans, and then is there the whole time as I execute it. How many times do you set a goal for yourself and then never actually follow through? Because of Kate, I finally followed through.

My friends tell me every week, "Thank God for Kate." And I say the same thing! My life has changed entirely.


Annie O.

Annie is a Personal Trainer, Assistant Athletic Director, and English teacher at a small private school. She's incredibly active and loves to travel and stay busy.



artist / creative ENTREPRENEUR 



The most successful people in the world work with coaches. As an artist, we ask people to invest in us and our work … Why wouldn’t I invest in myself first??

It seems so obvious … but it isn’t.


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My life is completely different since I first started working with Kate. When we began, I was feeling my way toward a new start, but was really in the dark as to what that looked like. Today, I live and work internationally as an artist, writer, and workshop leader.

I feel challenged after a session with Kate. Most of the benefit comes well after my time with her, because her words percolate and take time to really sink in. Working with Kate, my internal obstacles really got to see the light of day so that I could deal with them. Kate’s been instrumental in helping me to deal with my anxieties and given me tools to get past them.

I became less afraid and in many ways, took back my power.

Kate’s coaching made it possible for me to get out of my own way so that I can get to where I need to be. She encourages as she challenges, and kept my momentum very much forward. At the same time, she asked the important questions and showed me how to put some real speed bumps in the road. I stopped working like crazy and started working smarter. I found a direction for my writing and I built an audience for it. I also created an international business that has impacted hundreds of artists around the world. So in many ways, the lessons I learned from my time with Kate continue to spread to this day.



Crista is an artist who -- among other things -- writes about being an artist. Crista has spent her career working in and around the world of contemporary art. Today, she’s the founder of The Working Artist, an online professional-practices program for visual artists.



Sports Performance Coach



What surprised me the most about coaching with Kate was how quickly my life changed through our work together.


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Kate has completely changed my life. Since working with her I have created my dream job.

She has helped me quiet my self-doubt, quiet my perfectionistic tendencies, and has opened my eyes up to the possibilities that exist when you have the freedom to ask yourself what it is you truly want.

With Kate’s coaching help, I recently launched my business, have signed on six fully committed clients, and have partnered with a non-profit in Canada to start running physical literacy programs in the USA to help fight childhood obesity.

Through my work with Kate I have learned to be 100% in control of my time.

Through careful and diligent practice and with the support of her honest feedback I have learned to be accountable to myself and stay true to my word.

The obstacles that were there for me -- before I decided to commit to coaching with Kate -- were all fear-based. In thinking of working with Kate as my coach, I was scared of disappointing her and was afraid to commit to her because I was scared of failing.

Another obstacle was my perfectionism. I was attached to doing things perfectly, which ultimately scared me away from doing anything at all. I’d tell myself if things weren’t done the “right” way, I might as well not do them at all.

The third fear that almost prevented me from choosing coaching with Kate was my belief in “finding” my purpose. I thought I had to know my life’s purpose before working with her. As if I’d be moving through life and suddenly trip on my life’s purpose, look down at it and say, “oh, there you are.”

Once we started working together, Kate helped me see that my purpose isn’t something that I “find” or that magically appears. Rather, it’s something that I CREATE.

The biggest obstacle that would have prevented me from investing in coaching was listening to my self-limiting talk, listening to and believing all the negative thoughts in my head. Through Kate’s coaching, I’ve learned very practical ways to get around and over and even rid of all the obstacles that stand in the way of me getting exactly what I want out of life.

I said Hell Yes to coaching with Kate because she is helping me start to notice the things I love about myself. I said Hell Yes because she is helping me recognize and quiet my self-limiting talk. I said Hell Yes because she has given me nothing but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and it is refreshing to get such raw and honest feedback that can immediately be utilized and acted on.

“A ha” moments are moments when you are talking with someone and you feel this surge of inspiration and possibility. These moments have happened during every single one of my conversations with Kate.

Kate is a what I call a “change agent.” She is one of the most self-disciplined people I have ever met and is an expert at goal-setting, habit formation, and at achieving and maintaining a warrior mindset.

A person who would benefit the most from Kate's coaching is someone who is interested in answering the following question: Am I willing to work hard on MYSELF in order to get what I really, really want out of life -- like inner-peace, better relationships, better health, more money, more intimacy with my partner, more fun, freedom, and time for myself, more clarity on what my purpose is and what I want to use my precious time and energy for, and more time to be present with my children.

Kate has empowered me to change my life. Her coaching is raw, her coaching is honest, her coaching is without judgement.

Since working with Kate, my world has completely opened up.

She has taught me how to have compassion for myself, how to slow down to speed up, and that I am 100% responsible for 100% of my life.

Kate’s coaching has taught me that I am NOT my thoughts. Thoughts are just thoughts -- like passing clouds. Instead of being attached to my thoughts (and the feelings and moods brought up by those thoughts), I can CREATE exactly what it is I want for my life in each and every moment.

I have learned that EVERYTHING is possible. I know that sounds insane but it is the truth. I now feel 100% in control of my path and have the freedom and confidence to create and nurture what it is that I want for myself and my life.



A highly regarded and experienced Sports Performance Coach, Sarah’s clients include Olympic, Collegiate and Professional athletes, inner-city youth, and professionals in the corporate wellness sector. Sarah has served as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the US Women’s Olympic Ice Hockey Team for the past six years, traveling to Sochi, Russia where she helped the team win a silver medal.

Sarah C. mED, CSCS, SCCC



Life Coach / Writer / Adventure Seeker



With Kate’s love, support, encouragement, and honesty, I have been able to get back in touch with the “me” that was buried under perfectionism and people-pleasing.


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Kate’s coaching is transformational in every sense of the word.

I am no longer the person I was when I met her and started working with her, and I am more “myself” than I have been in years.

With Kate’s love, support, encouragement, and honesty, I have been able to get back in touch with the “me” that was buried under perfectionism and people-pleasing.

Kate makes you feel so comfortable and safe that you will find yourself opening up about things you had buried so deep inside that you forgot it was within you.

I am LIT UP when we get off the phone, no matter how I came to the call that day. I’ve literally been in tears when we get on the phone/zoom and shifted to a place of pure joy in an hour’s time.

Every time I think we’ve had the best phone call and I’m feeling really awake to my life, we have yet another mind-blowing call. I feel like I have woken up from The Matrix. We have deep conversations that result in me changing a previously held belief (about myself, about the world) and opening up to other possibilities.

Sure, I had some big concerns before deciding to be coached by Kate.

I asked myself, “Am I crazy to spend this much money?” How do I tell my husband how much this is going to cost?

I’m not directly buying a tangible good, so how do I justify this amount of money? In addition, I felt fear about what would be possible if we worked together. I have made huge progress in our time together, and in wondering “what’s next,” I felt the pressure of greatness (i.e. now that I know what’s possible, I must achieve that).

Any hesitations I had were definitely eliminated as a result of my coaching with Kate.

First of all, I’ve worked with Kate for years so I know what’s possible with her as my coach. And my concerns were twofold - what will others (my husband) think? And how do I value this myself? We worked through both scenarios in a myriad of ways.

I’ve learned how to let go of what others might think and I’ve learned that it’s ok to take care of myself. These were both mindsets that I have shifted through my work with Kate that have changed my life. My entire world has been impacted by Kate’s coaching. Before Kate, I felt that everything was impossible. Through our work together, I now see that EVERYTHING is possible, even the things I never thought of or dreamed of.

I finally see that I really do have control over my life. I started my own coaching business and started taking action to create the life I want for myself.

I’ve had huge mindset shifts around loving myself, self-compassion, and recognizing that I am not my thoughts. Through our work together and with Kate’s gentle guidance, I have learned to love myself, to be gentle with myself, and I’ve started to shed my identification with the Ego.



A life coach, writer, and adventure-seeker living in New York, Mallory embraces the “woo” wholeheartedly and believes in the power of love! Her mission is to help people get back in touch with their own inner wisdom and start creating lives they love.