Feeling stuck?

You’re successful, but things don’t feel right.


Things are good … enough.

But is “good enough” what you really want?


You want change. REAL change.

But you can’t seem to find the time or the motivation or the confidence to change.


You want a new job that you pursue with passion and confidence ...


You want a new way of making money that takes flexibility and freedom as a given …


You want to stop obsessing over the past … You want to stop getting in your own way ...

You’ve tried things -- bought books, watched TED talks, attended conferences, bought online courses or webinars -- but nothing works. Nothing you’ve tried sticks. Nothing lasts.

It’s like you’ve forgotten how to make change in your life. You used to do it so effortlessly. But now all you are is stuck.

I can help. I am a change coach.

I mentor powerful and accomplished men and women through big changes in their lives.

I remind them of who they really are -- their innate wisdom and confidence -- and I guide them to make change that astounds them and that lasts. I call B.S. on the fear and doubt in their heads and teach them to get out of their own way and take action.

I put my clients lives and dreams first and then they go change the world. Literally.

Here’s how I describe Kate’s coaching — imagine your therapist, mentor, best friend, idea bag, kick in the ass, all in one. There’s no passive work here, Kate’s all action. And with action, comes results.
— Annie O.